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Last Updated 7 February 2024

A 1930s Class A Motorhome.

Our 2004 Bounder Class A Motorhome named Seven & Toad

While RVing technology has improved, the concept remains the same. We get out of town to enjoy the outdoors as often as we can, usually at least six times per year.

I have been keeping a detailed daily camping journal, including photos of every camp site since 1999. We enjoy going over it to remember the adventures we have had over the years, especially when it is snowing and blowing outside.

We have been RVing for over 40 years and pictured above is our current and 7th RV named, logically, “Seven”. It replaced “Thirsty” which in turn replaced “Stinky”.

Seven has almost everything we want in a rig: 36 feet long, lots of room with 2 large slide-outs, substantial weight carrying capacity, automatic levelling, big bathroom and so on. It has a few things we don’t care about such as the washer/dryer and the ice maker in the fridge but all in all, we are happy with it. The 30% better gas mileage than our previous rig (appropriately named Thirsty) helps too. Here’s the original brochure. Ours is the 35E model on a Workhorse Custom Chassis.

We have towed a variety of vehicles behind our RVs, usually a compact 4x4 such as the 2010 Honda CR-V (named “Toad”) we are towing now. It is a must for exploring once we have set up camp.

RVing is our favourite thing to do - we are on the road for weeks or months every year. If I had my way, we would sell the house, buy a condo and hit the road for at least half the year. Tess has other ideas so we compromise, of course.

Hard to beat Alberta scenery!

(Yes, I took this photo with my phone.)

There are links here to my diary including a few photos of each trip over the last 4 years. The bracketed number is how many nights we slept in 7.

Hoping to help my fellow RVers and want-to-be RVers out, I have written a few articles about our experiences and what I have learned about some RV systems.

And what it all costs!


2019 X-Canada (100) 2020 Alberta (32) 2021 Alberta (24)

The coloured-in Provinces and States below show where we have camped.

From home all the way to Nova Scotia to eat seafood and visit friends.

5 trips to 4 locations around Alberta. Check out the fish!

5 trips to 4 locations around Alberta.

2022 Alberta (14)

Only 3 trips this year, mostly very close to home.

Updated Actual 24 Year RV Costs  in our 2004 RV

Think You Want an RV? Maybe you do!

Primer on 12 Volt vs 120 Volt RV Systems

Some General RVing Tips

The Long, Long Trailer short story by Martin Twiss

Alberta RV Driving  Regulations

Primer on our RV’s Systems

Motorhome Tire Pressures 101 Not like your car!

ABCs of RV Systems

2023 Alberta (19)

Only 4 trips this year to 4 locations around Alberta.

2024 Alberta & BC 

Planning is underway!