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Here is the more or less monthly news update about us and our corner of the world.

8 October, 2017

If you’ve been here in the last couple of years you’ll see a whole new look this month. I have dropped a dozen pages and updated or revised the content in all the others. And then there is the new colour scheme and layout. I hope you like it because it will be around for a while.

Last update I mentioned that I thought we should do a trip to the mountains and after getting caught up on household chores we did just that. We played tourist in Calgary, Kananaskis Country, Banff and Jasper for 15 days. You can read about it and see some nice photos here.

On Sept 21, I went back to the Royal Alexandra Hospital for another tune up on my heart. It has been about 15 years since they put in my 3 stents after my heart attack so that’s better than average, I think.

I have had some problems this year and so went in for an angiogram which is the definitive test. They gave me another stent and a warning about another partial blockage which isn’t (yet) bad enough to place a stent.

I’m going for a cardiac rehab refresher course and will try to do better with my diet and activity levels. If I can make it another 15 years I’ll be pretty happy.

Mark brought a new project over the other day. It is a mobility scooter. And no, not because I need it. The battery and little electric motor have been replaced by a 6.5 HP gasoline engine. Apparently it goes like stink but doesn’t stop so well since there are no brakes at all. And nothing else works either. Should be a fun project.

Since it is October in north-central Alberta, most of the trees are now naked and we have had a skiff of snow although it melts by the next day. More is coming, I’m sure.

October also means Thanksgiving here in Canada and we are looking forward to spending it with Isla, her Mom and their family. Tess is very happy not to be cooking this year.

October is also our wedding anniversary - 38 years on the 13th. Plus two more (as of last month) practising means we have been together over 40 years. Wow, we’re getting old! We have decided to go out to dinner at Thanh Thanh, our favourite Vietnamese restaurant to celebrate.

Since camping season is over, I am back at the family tree. Because it is Remembrance Day on November 11th, I have updated my armed services memorial page with the new names I have found over the past year. We owe our freedom to people like these family members.

Email and let me know what you think of the changes. Type to you next month.

Greg, Tess & Camper