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4 December, 2017

Here is the more or less monthly news update about us and our corner of the world.

4 December 2017

Here we are nearing the end of another adventure filled year. We are both still alive and kicking so that’s good. Mark and Isla are well and healthy which is also good.

We spent a lot of time this year doing the things we love:

Islaing - we are so lucky to see our granddaughter Isla once or twice a week. She is such a joy to be around. Check out her latest photos here.

Rving - 65 nights out and 6,900 kms in Alberta and British Columbia this year.

Fishing - we tried for rainbow trout, salmon, halibut, dungeness crab, rock cod, and even caught a skate. We landed and ate everything except halibut.

 My cardiac rehab is going fine and I have been able to increase the duration and difficulty of my exercise routine. I haven’t lost much weight yet (maybe 10 lbs) but the conditioning and fitness are far more important than a bunch of extra lbs.

Tess is also doing OK although she continues to suffer the side effects of the surgery she had and the cancer medications she must take. She is a very strong woman.

My membership in Ancestry has expired and eventually I expect they will offer me a renewal at a price I am willing to pay.

In the meantime, I am busy cleaning up all the data - I have about 10,000 documents and photos to properly name and file, 4,000 place names and 1,000 groups of source names to review. It will take a while!

I discovered I’m related to the first President of the USA. Surprise!

George Washington is my 16th cousin, 7x removed. Our common ancestor was Edward I, King of England in the late 1200s. That’s a pretty distant relation!

We had some snow a couple of weeks ago and it is still on the ground so it looks like winter is here. Not too cold yet with overnight lows staying above -18C / 0F and daytime highs sometimes reaching the freezing (melting?) Point.

Christmas is too quickly approaching, only 3 weeks as I type this. That means only 20 days left until I have to start my shopping. At least I have the lights up on the house and trees. Our street is looking quite Christmassy.

To all my readers, Merry Christmas to you and yours and may 2018 bring you health and happiness.

Greg, Tess & Camper