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20 June, 2018

Here is the more or less monthly news update about us and our corner of the world.

June 2018

I’m improving - only a month since my last update.

We have been busy around here now that camping season is back. We have been out twice for a total of 22 nights and have covered about 1,500 kms. If you are interested in our adventures, you can read about the trips, sights, and critters here.

When we are away from home for more than a few days, we have to hire someone to cut and tend to the lawn, check the house every couple of days (to keep the insurance company happy), water the plants and garden, pick up the mail and on and on. It is a pain to arrange all this, never mind the expense. As we are now senior citizens, we will one day in the not too distant future need these services even when we are home. And the stairs in the house are tough on our knees. Maybe it is time to start thinking about the next stage in our lives?

With the summer weather, I am spending less time working on the family tree. Make that no time. I have a long to-do list but it can wait until the fall or winter.

Tess and I are staying healthy and I am even getting in a little more exercise. I’ve even lost 10 lbs., although that’s a pretty modest start to the depressingly large number I should lose.  

Our granddaughter is a joy to be around although she easily tires us out. We will have her for the weekend in a few days.

Last month I mentioned that Isla wanted to take the training wheels off her bicycle. It took her about an hour of practice to be able to ride without them. Now she can even ride across a bumpy grass field with confidence.

Isla, Mark and I spent fathers day together at Calaway Park near Calgary. A great bonding day.

There are new photos of her here.

Over the past few years, I have written and revised several articles about RVing and the lifestyle and decided to publish them here. If you are curious about it, check them out.

Mark competes for the national armwrestling championship in Laval, Quebec over the Canada Day long weekend. He should do well. I’ll post the results next month. Good luck, Mark!

Type to you next month.

Greg, Tess & Camper