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News - Feb 7, 2024

Happy February! I am too lazy to update the appearance of this site this year. Maybe later. So, we had a great Christmas season and as always, Santa was good to us all.

It has been several months since I finished with my Ozempic routine and so far, I am holding steady at my 60lbs lighter weight. Except for a few weeks when it was stupidly cold (as low as -52C/-61F plus windchill), I have been taking Spike for walkies every day. I’m sure the exercise is good for me too.

My one day a week volunteer driving gig with the Cdn Cancer Society continues as does my enjoyment of the time I get to spend with these patients. If you want to give back, there are lots of groups that are happy to have you volunteer a little time to their cause.

Since my last update a couple of months ago, the Mustang project named Jolene has been put on hold due to the weather. I have acquired a parts washing sink, a set of Ford 16” aluminium rims that will look great, a set of dollies that go under the tires to allow the car to be moved around, and another storage shelf to hold some of the parts scattered around the garage.

The goal for 2024 is to complete the steel work behind the rear seats - new trunk floor, gas tank, trunk lid, tail lamp corners, wheel houses, etc., etc.

I have to stay within my budget so depending on the extent of the rust I can’t see yet, it may take until the end of 2025 to finish the back end.

We have decided to take a bigger than our average RV trip this summer. The plan is for about 6 weeks from home to Vancouver Island. No dates yet and no route yet either. There are at least 5 routes available to us, all of which we have done before. The trip will be 3,000+ kms with probably the most expensive gasoline in the country plus $700 in ferry fares and $350 per week in campground costs. We are saving our pennies already.

Family tree stuff continues to take up several hours per day. I’m surprised at how many distant cousins I have found scattered throughout New Brunswick, Massachusets, Virginia, and Georgia. Distant means 3rd, 4th and 5th cousins a few times removed. I stop collecting information at the 5th cousin level in an attempt to keep the size of the tree manageable. As it is, I have found 18,725 family members in my tree and 1,595 in Tess’ tree. Wow!

That’s it for this update. Take care and stay in touch!

Greg, Tess, & Spike

Update - I finally got around to my annual appearance update with new colours and layout. Let me know what you think.