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1 April, 2018

Here is the more or less monthly news update about us and our corner of the world.

1 April 2018

I was talking to my brother the other day and he scolded me for not updating this site since early January. That is too long without an update so here I am back at it - trying to remember what has happened over the past three months that anyone might care about.

To be honest, not much! Life has been chugging along nicely with our health being stable and no unnecessary drama. I am still on the treadmill every other day, or shovelling snow. It has been a long and snowy winter and we are getting very anxious for it to all be over.

Our son Mark and granddaughter Isla come over for dinner once a week or so and occasionally we make the trip to watch her doing something like gymnastics, dance, or her newest passion, downhill skiing. She’s had a lesson and lots of coaching from her Dad and makes beautiful S turns all the way down the green runs. She even handles the chairlift and rope tows like a pro. Pretty impressive for someone who just turned 4 in January!

Check out her latest pix here.

I have been giving the snowblower a real workout this winter. Even though a couple of weeks may go by without a flake of new snow, there are weeks where I am steering it around two or three times. I’d really like to put it away and go camping! We have about 2 feet of snow in the back yard so I guess it won’t be before May, as usual.

I have been spending a lot of time on the family tree which is now over the 10,300 people mark. I had been putting off some housekeeping chores like tracking down duplicate entries, correcting place names and properly naming photos and other documents. I finally got that all done - woo hoo!

The price was right so I renewed my Ancestry subscription and added one at Genes Reunited. Lots of new records to explore and lots of distant cousins to trade information with.

I haven’t found any new family members of note lately. You know, pirates, prime ministers and so on. Maybe tomorrow.

If anyone wants to see either Tess’ tree of mine, send me an email and I’ll give you access to the one posted at Ancestry. I can’t host it here because the trees total 7.5GB and it would simply cost too much.

If there is a birth, marriage, census, or death record you’d like a copy of, just drop me an email and I’ll send it to you.

With Spring officially here we are less than two months from going camping for Tess’ birthday in mid May. I’ll have to spend a bunch of time getting ready to go - de-winterize, service batteries, load everything like food and beer in the RV plus install the connection plate wire up the new Toad.

Can’t wait!  

We’ve been talking about where to go this summer and although British Columbia is usually part of our plans, not this year. One of our biggest expenses is always gasoline and gas prices in BC are already 50% higher there than here in Alberta.

We got a phone call from my step-mom asking for our help after a nasty fall so the next day we drove the 15 hours to Vancouver Island to help out. She will be fine but needs extra hands for a while so here we are.

The drive out was uneventful. It was -24C when we left the house at oh-dark thirty and as we continued west, the temperature dropped to -28C in Edson. At the end of March! It started to warm near Hinton, Alberta and was above freezing a couple of hours later, well into British Columbia. By the time we got to Vancouver Island at 8pm, it was +14.

The cherry trees are in bloom in Parksville and with sunny breaks, it is pretty darn nice here!

That’s it for today. Happy Easter.

Greg, Tess & Camper