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17 January, 2018

Here is the more or less monthly news update about us and our corner of the world.

17 January 2018

Another year gone and several more aches and pains. Don’t like this pattern!

We had a very busy December starting with a trip to Winnipeg to meet up with a small slice of Tess’ family.

Her sister Carling and her 3 kids Estela, Vangie and Jojo and niece Ailene and the two of us all had a great visit. I finally got to meet Estela in person after so many years of emails and texts.

We were hosted by the birthday boy and Carling’s only son, Jojo (who turned the big 50) and family. There was an amazing feast including a whole roasted pig in typical Filipino fashion. What a great weekend!

We drove because the flight for us and the dog would have been pretty expensive, especially when adding in a car rental and the surcharges for the dog. The weather and roads cooperated and the trip took about 15 hours each way.


The next big event was Christmas and another chance to spoil Isla. She, Mark, Kim, and their room mate Mattie,came for Christmas dinner on the 24th. Aside from eating too much, we did the tree and sock thing. You can see pix here.

Isla was very happy with her ladybug earrings but since her piercings are too recent to put them in, she decided to play with the cotton balls they were packed in. We were still finding cotton balls a week later!

So Isla had Christmas dinner and presents here on the 24th and went home with her Daddy waking up on the 25th to another tree and then when Mom woke up after working all night, Isla went home to yet another tree! She made out like a bandit.

Isla is a New Year’s baby so the party and presents just kept coming. Her party was on December 30th and lots of family and friends were there. Lots. It was a zoo, but the good kind! There are a couple of photos here.

Tess and I went out for New Years to the Yellowhead Casino where we pigged out on a buffet with seafood, beef, pork, chicken and more. The entertainment was a great Neil Diamond cover band called Nearly Neil Diamond

I’ve been complaining about my little Chev Tracker SUV for a while now - the seats are uncomfortable, it is noisy, I’m tired of driving a manual (!), the seats aren’t heated and so on.

I was casually looking on Auto Trader and to make a short story even shorter, we bought a very clean, low mileage, fully loaded 2010 Honda CR-V EX-L. It is factory approved for being towed behind the motorhome and has the automatic transmission and heated seats I wanted. Its quiet too.

It will take a little effort to get it ready to tow - the steel bits that bolt to the frame for towing and wiring the lights - but that’s pretty straightforward. It is about 1,000 lbs heavier than the Tracker but still within the motorhome’s tow limits and probably won’t impact gas mileage. So far I’m very happy with it.

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