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Last Updated 28 Mar 2023

Mar 28, 2023

Happy Spring! While it still snows every once in a while, days are often well above freezing now so the piles of snow are steadily shrinking, Another week or two and we will be able to see at least parts of our lawn.

We even saw the first Canada Geese of the season yesterday. They were wandering around in a snowy field but at least they are here!

We are getting the itch to go camping again but of course, it is still too cold and besides, 7 doesn’t have snow tires and couldn’t even get out of the storage lot. Hopefully we will get out near the end of April or for sure in May.

I have updated most of the documents in the RVing section. If you are at all interested in RVing, they are worth a read.

Our wonderful granddaughter Isla was here for the weekend earlier this month. We always enjoy her sleepovers as we can spoil her with snacks and staying up late.

Our son and his very sweet girlfriend Megan have moved in together in Mark’s condo. They are clearly very happy and we are excited for them.

Our little dog Camper is getting on in years. He is deaf as a rock and his vision is failing. He doesn’t have many teeth left and on top of that, he sometimes doesn’t make it outside to go potty. But we still love him to death and hope to have him with us for a few more years.

On December 7th we had our furnace replaced. The installation company gave us a good price and good installation service. There was supposed to be a $600 rebate from Carrier, the furnace manufacturer when the warranty was activated.

10 weeks later we haven’t seen the rebate and I just registered the furnace for warranty. Because the installer didn’t register it in a timely manner, our warranty has been reduced from 10 years to 5 years.

I am not happy and have asked the installation company to fix this. I’ll report back next update and name names if I am not happy.

Greg, Tess & Camper