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That I am related to or even descended from Royalty is almost as hard to believe as the same claim to Saints. None the less, it is true.

I found Kings, Queens and other members of European Royalty in my tree. My connection to them is very long ago - ending in the 1300s.

A Royal connection is a good thing for a genealogy hobbyist because it means there is a wealth of information available. There were almost no records kept about individual commoners before the year 1500 or so and no inclusive information until the mid 1800s when the first census was done.

Because the rules of royal succession are clear, it was vitally important that

all members of the Peerage (Royals, Nobles, and so on) knew where they fit in their family tree. As far as I know, this is the only reasonably well documented group of people from so long ago.

Going back 24 generations through Harrison to Potts, Beevor, Branthwayt, Berney, Appleton, Fulyard, Andrews, Stratton, Luttrell, de Courtenay, de Bohun we finally come to Lady Elizabeth Plantagenet who lived from 1282 until 1316.

Lady Elizabeth was one of the 12 daughters of Edward I (Longshanks), King of England. Once a connection to any Royal is established, there is a connection to pretty much all of them through blood or marriage because Royals almost always married other European Royals.

n the 2006 book The Perfect King, The Life of Edward III, Father of the English Nation by respected historian Ian Mortimer, he calculates that between 80% and 99% of all people born to parents of English ancestry are descended from him!  

King Edward III was born in 1312 and died in 1377. His father's sister (his aunt) was Elizabeth Plantagenet, my 21 x gt. Grandmother. This makes Edward III my 1st cousin, 22x removed. It obviously isn’t a big deal to have a Royal connection in the family tree.

Had two of my ancestors been born in reverse date order, I might well be Sir Gregory. I think I like that!

For those of you who aren’t interested enough to wade through thousands of names in my family tree to get to the occasional Royal, but are want to see the relationship, here are a couple of simple charts.

The first is my connection to Charlemagne, King of France and Holy Roman Emporer. He lived from 742 to 814. There are a multitude of other Kings and assorted Royals along the way including William I (the Conqueror) King of England who lived from 1027 to 1087.

Below that is a similar graphic showing the direct line from me to King Kenneth MacAlpin I, King of the Picts and King of Scotland - the very first King of Scotland. He lived from 810 to 859. A notable inclusion is King Robert The Bruce. He lived from 1243 to 1304

Me back 42 generations to King Charlemagne:

Me back 37 generations to King Kenneth MacAlpin I:

Macalpin anchor

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