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7 April 2019

I’m feeling pretty chipper - the birds are coming back, our brown grass is showing through the rapidly melting snow and the playground behind our house is full of happy kids again. I think Spring may really be here.

I am getting a serious itch to go camping even though the RV is still stuck in the storage lot because the ground is too wet and soft to get it out. Early May for sure! It has to go into the shop for a new axle seal and there is still the issue of the hydraulic jacks not working but I have some ideas on that problem. And if I have to admit defeat on the jacks, I found a shop that should be able to fix them.

Tess’ birthday is in May and we plan to be camping near Whitecourt, Alberta at Carson-Pegasus Prov Park, our traditional first trip each year. Then home for a week to get ready and then off again, heading east until we hit the Atlantic ocean in Nova Scotia.

Our 5 year old granddaughter Isla is getting to be an accomplished skier. She even tackled a black diamond run in Jasper accidentally and made it down. She likes going through the trees too. Pix are here.

Still with athletic type things, our son Mark is still very active in the arm wrestling community and this past weekend competed in a tournament in Cranbrook, BC. He went undefeated in the Super-Heavyweight class to bring home two trophies. Congrats Mark!

I have a few more weeks to spend on the family trees before I give it a rest for the summer. Being on the road makes reliable internet access spotty so except for some more field work when we get to New Brunswick, I won’t accomplish much until fall.

Went to the local (new) car show the other day with a buddy. Everything from a $12,000 Nissan to a $400,000 Ferrari.

 There were even some pickup trucks for over $100,000! That’s a lot of money for something without a bathroom. Not many vehicles now can be towed 4 wheels down behind the RV. I’ll keep my trusty CR-V.

Spring chores are waiting so that’s it for now. I’ll do another update before we head out on our big trip and try to post stuff while of the road.

Birthday greetings this issue go to my brother Todd, step-mother Annie, son Mark and to my wife Tess.

Type to you next month.

Greg, Tess & Camper

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