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disappeared although the other day we had two of them feeding on the seeds the little birds spill onto the ground from the feeder. We were getting more than a dozen so I’m assuming the coyotes are eating well.

The birds have gone through about 60 pounds of seed! I think much of it was spilled onto the lawn and the gravel covered garden so I will put the leaf blower in suck mode and try to vaccuum up the mess once the snow goes.

Happily, we still get to see our granddaughter Isla regularly. Her parents do almost all the work with her but I do work with her on reading, writing and arithmetic when she is over. She has improved a lot over the past couple of months. She will be ready for Grade 1 when she starts in September.

My Ancestry membership expires on April 15th so my

research will then be reduced to almost nothing until the fall when I will renew it again. I hope to be working at it every day until then. Our two trees will remain up at Ancestry so if you are curious to see them, drop me an email. I’ll send you a free link.

We are planning back yard improvements this year such as adding concrete curbing around the flower beds and recycled rubber ‘timbers’ under the chain link fence.

I’ll also need another couple of yards of limestone gravel to clean up the look of the beds. And I think I’ll move the bird feeder so the spillage doesn’t fall onto the limestone beds.

That's about it from us for this update. Stay safe and healthy!

Greg, Tess & Camper

Mar 22, 2021

Spring has sprung, the grass is riz buried under the snow falling as I type. Sigh.

The big, happy news is that we have both received our first dose of the Moderna vaccine and by next week will be 80% safe. By the time camping season starts, we will be 90+% safe from Covid and can start to return things to normal.

Kudos to all the very smart people out there who worked so hard to make this happen. Thank you all!

We had a long stretch of bitterly cold weather with air temperatures at -41C and windchills at -55C. We just hibernate when it is that cold!

 Today it was +13C so people are out in just a light jacket or a sweater. The lakes are still frozen and the geese that returned early are walking around on the ice waiting for them to thaw.

The little birds that we have been feeding all winter are starting spring mating rituals and are flying around and cheeping like mad. Our flock of ptarmigans has largely

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