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In Flanders Fields by John McCrae

Published in Punch Magazine 8 December 1915

Beevor, Lt. Vernon Saville M.C.

     pat 2nd cousin 2x removed

Born: 21 Jun 1897 Bromley, Kent, England

Died: 10 Mar 1917 France

Educated in Canada, he returned to England to a commission in the Essex Regiment in October, 1916, he was awarded the Military Cross, and returned home wounded. He went to the front again in January 1917, and fell in action on March 10, aged 19 years.

Harrison, Lt. Cyril Henry

     pat 1st cousin 2x removed

Born: 26 Nov 1896 England

Died: 6 Sep 1917 Ypres, Belgium

1st/5th Battalion of the Lancashire Fusiliers, British Army. The net result of the day's fighting had been the gain of a shallow wedge of ground, one hundred and fifty yards in depth on the right and tapering down till it joined the original line in the centre. The casualties had been very heavy. The 1st/5th lost nearly 500 men and 7 officers.

Fox, Pte. Charles Horace

     mat 4th cousin 3x removed

Born: 27 Jan 1879 Winchester, England

Died: 15 Apr 1915 Belgium

9th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment

Harrison, Pte. Swainston Cecil

     pat gt uncle

Born: 1891 London, England

Died: 1917 Edmonton, Middlesex, England

Enlisted in British Expeditionary Force for 4 years at age 18 in 1909. Died in Middlesex, England. Cause and circumstances of death unknown.

Harrison, Capt. Victor William

     pat 1st cousin 2x removed

Born: 1895 England

Died:1918 Norwich England

Royal Flying Corps. He flew in a Maurice Farman biplane and was officially credited with 10 kills. He served from 1914 until discharge in 1918 due to head injuries suffered in a crash. He drowned on 1 Sep 1918 in Norwich England in a civilian boating accident after successfully saving a youth from drowning.

Jephson, Capt. Edward Jermy

     pat 3rd cousin 2x removed

Born: Jun 1887 Kensington, England

Died: 15 Sep 1916 Somme, France

British Army, Norfolk Regiment

Kaine, Pte. Benjamin Edward

     pat 6th cousin, 1x removed

     (by marriage)

Born: 12 May 1892 Quebec, Canada

Died: 9 Jun 1917 La Coulotte, France

87th Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force. No surviving gravesite. Killed by a machine gun bullet during a raid on La Coulotte, France.

Hooper, Pte. Gordon Clifford

     mat 1st cousin, 3x removed

Born: 10 Sep 1898 Bristol, England

Died: 5 Apr 1918 Belgium

8th Battalion, Somerset Light Infantry

Thomson, S/Sgt. George William Wyville

     pat 1st cousin 2x removed

Born: 28 Feb 1893 Bordertown, South Australia, Australia

Died: 24 Apr 1918 France

10th Battalion Infantry, Australian Army. Survived Galipoli and Anzac landings.

Legood, Pte. Frank Claud

     mat 1st cousin 3x removed

Born: Jun 1902 Essex, England

Died: 22 Aug 1942 Cardiff, Wales

Buried in the war cemetery at Cardiff, Wales

Twitchett, Pte. Albert Samuel

    husband of my 2nd cousin, 3x      removed

Born: 1889 Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Died: 12 Aug 1917 Ypres, Belgium

8th Battalion, Royal Dublin Fusiliers

Colpitts, Pte. Guthrie Stuart

     pat 5th cousin 3x removed

Born: 15 Dec 1894 Pleasantvale, New Brunswick, Canada

Died: 11 Aug 1917 Passchendale, Belgium

27th Battalion, Canadian Army

Brougham-Faddy, Sgt. Patrick Langston

     pat 4th cousin 1x removed

Born: 1 Jun 1897

Died: Apr 1943

Flight Engineer Royal Air Force, killed in action over France on his 13th mission. The target was Pilzen, Germany.

Frederick, Capt. Thomas M.C.

     pat 2nd cousin, 2x removed

Born: 7 Mar 1893

Died: 14 Dec 1917 Cambrai, France

British Army 9th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment.

Biggs, Pte. Philip West

     mat 2nd cousin, 3x removed

Born: 1889 Whitehaven, Cumberland, England

Died: 30 Aug 1918 France

1st / 8th Battalion, Manchester Regiment

Dempster, Lt. Charles

     mat 2x gt uncle

Born: 21 Sep 1826 Bengal, India

Died: 27 Jun 1857 Cawnporn (now Kanpur) Cashmere, India

Bengal Artillery, British Army in India. Killed during the "Indian Rebellion".

Dempster, Cpl. John Derek

     mat 2nd cousin 2x removed

Born: 1923 England

Died: 13 Nov 1944 Italy

British Army, 6th Battalion. Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment.

Ellis, Pte. Sydney George

     mat 2nd cousin, 3x removed

Born: 18 Jul 1897

Died: 9 Dec 1917 France

17th Battalion, Middlesex Regiment

Fox, L.Cpl. Arthur Thomas

     mat 4th cousin, 3x removed

Born: 14 Dec 1885 Norwich, Norfolk, England

Died: 21 Dec 1915 Flanders, France

1st Battalion, Norfolk Regiment

Goodrum, Pte. William George James

     mat 3rd cousin 2x removed

Born: 25 Apr 1889 Northumberland, England

Died: 2 Dec 1917 Somme, France

1st / 4th Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers

Boardman, Pte, John Vincemt

     2nd cousin 2x removed

Born: 28 Nov 1902, Brisbane, Australia

Died: 12 Apr 1943

3rd Battalion Australian Volunteer Defence Corps

Ellis, Pte. Vere Arthur

     2nd cousin 3x removed

Born: Abt 1897 London, England

Died: 12 Sep 1918 Basra, Iran

Norfolk Regiment, cause of death: ruptured spleen

Foster, Lieut. William Augustus Portman

     5th cousin 2x removed

Born: 2 Jun 1887 Norfolk, England

Died: 11 Nov 1914 Germany

Injured at Ypres, died from wounds as POW in Germany

Fox, Pte. Abraham Washington

     step-son of 4th cousin 3x      removed

Born: abt 1882

Died: 29 Jan 1917 France

No other details at this time

Innes, Lieut. William

     4th gt uncle

Born: 10 Feb 1803 India

Died: 28 Aug 1832 India

12th Regiment

Playfair, Lieut. Anthony Richard

     2nd cousin, 3x removed

Born: 1912 England

Died: 5 Sep 1939 Yorkshire, England

Pilot Officer Anthony Richard Playfair (c1912-1939) was said to be the first Canadian casualty of the 1939-1945 war, killed on 9 Sept 1930 in the RAF, when his plane was shot down over England.

Playfair, Ens. Hugh Arthur

     1st cousin 5x removed

Born: 29 Aug 1825

Died: 31 Dec 1848 Moultan, India

Killed in action at the Siege of Moultan, India

Wright, Pte. George

     2nd cousin 3x removed

Born: Abt 1876 Norfolk, England

Died: 21 Nov 1914 France

1st Bn, Norfolk Regiment

Andrews, Pte. Frederick William

     husband of my 4th cousin, 3x       removed

Born: Mar 1889, Norfolk, England

Died: 1 Aug 1944, France

6th Battalion, King’s Own Scottish Borderers (infantry)

Alabaster, Pte. Bertram (Bertie)

     mat 2nd cousin, 3x removed

Born: 1892 London, England

Died: 18 Nov 1916, Somme, France

The Queen’s (Royal West Surrey) Regiment, British Army

Alabaster, Pte. Edward Edwin Harold

     mat 3rd cousin, 2x removed

Born: 1896 New Zealand

Died: 21 Apr 1917 Warneton, Belgium

Wellington Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force

Alabaster, L.Cpl. Edwin James

     mat 8th cousin, 2x removed

Born: 1911

Died: 1944 Burma

1st Battalion, Wiltshire Regiment, British Army

Alabaster, Pte. Herbert Horace

     mat gt grand uncle

Born: 1884 Yarmouth, Norfolk, England

Died: 11 Oct 1918 Leuze, Belgium

20th Battalion, Middlesex Regiment (British Army)

Alabaster, Pte. John William

     mat 2nd cousin, 3x removed

Born: 5 Apr 1886 London, England

Killed: 6 May 1918 Bosnia, The Balkans

The Queen’s Regiment, Royal Welsh Fusiliers

Alabaster, Joseph

    mat 6th cousin 4x removed

Born: 9 Sep 1875 London, England

Died: 19 Nov 1916 France

British army. Died of pneumonia while on active duty.

Beevor, Cmdr. Sir Thomas Lubbock

     pat 2nd cousin, 2x removed

Born: 1 Jun 1897

Died: Apr 1943

Served in WWI and WWII. Lastly a gunnery officer aboard HMS Excellent II

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