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August 3, 2019 River Ryan, NS 6,503 kms travelled

The temperatures remain hot but the humidity is much lower making the days very pleasant.

Today I went to see the Cape Breton Miners Museum in Glace Bay, including the 90 minute tour of the Ocean Deeps Colliery. This is a very interesting place that explains the history of coal mining in Cape Breton from the 1700s to the 1930s. Men and boys worked and died in slave-like conditions some 800 feet under the land and sea. Very worthwhile.

As today was Saturday, the casino had a whole lobster plus roast beef smorg for $10. The lineup wasn’t too bad and the food and service was excellent. Afterwards we continued our unlikely winning streak and left a few hours later up a couple of hundred.

Our? No, just Tess.

August 4, 2019 River Ryan, NS 6,503 kms travelled

Camper finally got his haircut at 9am this morning at the local Petsmart. He will be much cooler and active. While he was at the groomer, we went to Smittys for breakfast. I think it has been years since we were there and we really enjoyed the meal. The place is downtown near the waterfront so we headed there next.

Like Halifax, there is a boardwalk with a marina, restaurants, shops and a cruise ship terminal. There’s even a giant fiddle. It is on a much smaller scalethan Halifax, but a nice place to spend an afternoon.

It turned out to be the 18th Annual Dragon Boat festival. There were dragon boats, of course, and free hot dogs, hamburgers, popcorn, and more provided by the association of labour unions.

There was even a rock climbing tower and pony rides for the kids and a small car show and shine for me. Camper got lots of pats and met lots of new dogs.

August 5 , 2019 Moncton, NB 7,002 kms travelled

We said goodbye to our campground friends and got back on the road. We are now heading west towards home and it feels a little sad. We saw sun, overcast and rain on our travels today.

There was a constant headwind that no doubt will increase fuel consumption. We had to stop in Amherst, NS to put a $150 splash of fuel in or we wouldn’t have enough to run the generator to make coffee and toast tomorrow morning.

We drove along Hwy 4 along the south shore of Bras d’Or Lake to Port Hawkesbury then Hwy 104 to the New Brunswick border. From there, it is a short run into Moncton and the familiar casino parking lot. I registered for up to 7 days so we are set to pig out on the buffets again. Tess went in and played a bit but Camper and I stayed ‘home’ and did our thing is peace and quiet.

There are a couple of dozen RVs here as usual, ranging from older small bumper pull trailers to new 40’ + diesel pusher class A rigs. Many people have dogs too so Camper can meet some new friends. I was chatting with a couple who were walking through the parking lot to one of the neighbouring hotels. They paid $278 for two nights at the Quality Inn and after I gave them the details about parking here, they said they would bring their camper next time.

August 6, 2019 Moncton, NB 7,002 kms travelled

The first part of the day was spent running around town. We hit Costco for gas for Toad and saved 10 cents per litres compared to Nova Scotia prices, Home Depot to check prices on new blinds ($600 – yikes!), Princes Auto and finally, to see if I remembered where to dump tanks later this week. Yes.

After lunch Tess went to play and Camper and I stayed home and napped. It was hot today but the humidity is way down so it isn’t too uncomfortable. The slot whisperer came home at 8:30. We went for a walk around the parking lot which was nearly empty by late morning and is back up to 25 units by evening.

August 7, 2019 Moncton, NB 7,002 kms travelled

Another hot one today. While it is fine if you are out and about, it is too hot to sit at home. While Tess was busy, Camper and I went for a drive and to get an ice cream cone and to pick up beer. We got home at about 4pm and set up the lawn chair under the awning to read and visit with the neighbours walking by.

Tonight is cheap beer and chicken wing night so at 7pm I fired up the generator to power the A/C for Camper and I went to find Tess. We had a total of 5 beers and 60 wings for $50. That’s a bargain. Tess talked me into playing and while I was up for a short while, I soon lost my budgeted $40 and came home.

As usual, Tess made up for the meal and my modest loss so the budget remains in good shape. There is a third casino in New Brunswick which we will visit on our way to back to Quebec. It is near Edmunston in the north-west corner of the province. Hopefully they offer free overnighting too.

August 8, 2019 Moncton, NB 7,002 kms travelled

Today was another busy do-nothing day. As we usually do, Tess went to “work” and Camper and I stayed home and did important things like the dishes, go for walks, and visit with the neighbours. We met a nice retired couple from Vernon, BC who have rented out their house and are full timing for at least a year. Wow, I wish.

Since today is Thursday, it is filet and lobster tail buffet night. We ate like piggies and Tess even snuck a couple of tails and steaks into a Ziplock bag in her purse. You know, because I can always squeeze another lobster into the freezer someplace.

In the evening it started to rain. Light at first, it soon developed into a downpour. The parking lot had at least an inch of water on it and visibility was down to perhaps half a km.

Glad we were parked, level and dry. Except when Camper needed to go pee before bedtime. It took some coaxing but he eventually went under the awning so we didn’t get too wet.  

August 9, 2019 Moncton, NB 7,002 kms travelled

Another quiet day in the parking lot. The most exciting thing we did today was go to the laundromat to wash the sweat out of our clothes. Camper and I spent the afternoon and evening lazing around and going for walks. Tess went for the crab buffet but was disappointed in the food and the service tonight.

August 10, 2019 Edmunston, NB 7,479 kms travelled

We decided last night to hit the road today. Partly because Tess has had enough of this place and partly because of our next-door neighbour’s lack of consideration running their industrial generator and talking loudly outside. Security finally came around to tell them to turn off the genny and go to bed. The guy even parked his pickup diagonally across the parking space between us so another RV couldn’t park there. What a jerk.

So we went to the RV dealer to dump tanks and refill water, Costco to fuel up and hit the road, westbound. It rained on and off all day. Not a big deal as today was going to be a travel day and while we stopped once for lunch, there was nothing else we thought worth seeing in the rain. As always, there was the usual assortment of dead animals on the roadside but one of them today was unusual. I didn’t see the carcass but I did see the flock of Turkey Vultures gathering to feed. Big birds.

We arrived at the Grey Stone Casino near Edmundston around 4:30. There are signs showing us where to park so we were all set up and I was eating left over pizza by 5:00. To get level, I had to face downhill, put blocks under the jacks and lift the front tires off the ground. It looks funny but we will be comfortable.

A newer 42’ Entegra Anthem pulled in beside and a little behind us but even with his blocks on a more level section, he couldn’t get level and the alarms in his rig were going off. He had to move to get set up. I guess the designers figured it would never see uneven ground.

This Indian casino is part of a travel complex like Whitecourt but with more services. Staff are friendly, as always. I even won $250 which is so rare I had to put it in the journal! There are RVs scattered around the casino, shopping centre and gas station. There is construction going on and I noticed lots of vehicle plates from the USA so hopefully, the local band will be successful.

August 11, 2019 Trois Rivieres, QC 7,933 kms travelled

Since there is nothing in Edmunston to keep us here, we hit the road again today even though we are most definitely not in a hurry to go home. We are still on the TCH and after about a half hour’s drive northbound, we re-entered Quebec then turned west again at Riviere-du-Loup. This is mostly an excellent road with the occasional construction stretch. The wind was gusting at about 50kph hitting the front, right corner. It made steering difficult but didn’t seem to hurt the mileage too much as we got 8.1 mpg from Moncton well into Quebec.

There was a huge traffic delay south of Riviere-Du-Loup when a Jeep Grand Cherokee pulling a 30+ foot travel trailer decided to flip over and land in the ditch. There were police, fire/rescue, and a wrecker on scene and traffic was single lane alternating at the scene. The lineups were easily 5kms long on either side and it looked like it would take several more hours to clear the wreck as the trailer body had separated from the frame which was still attached to the Jeep. Much too big a trailer for that tow vehicle, I think.

We stopped for gas and decided to head for the next Walmart. That would be Trois Rivieres which is 30kms north of the TCH but we should be able to rejoin the highway on an angle and save some distance. The plan is to get into Ontario tomorrow, take a new route westbound and see the sights.

At first it didn’t look like a good Walmart for overnighting but then we found a spot with another rig behind the mattress store in the same strip mall.

August 12, 2019 Ottawa/Glocester, QC 8,250 kms travelled

We hit the 8,000km mark on this trip today while travelling along Hwy 40 on the north side of the St Lawrence River. The drive itself was nothing memorable; a few showers and light traffic once we got past the Montreal region. The roads were all first class except for one intersection where the lane tire troughs nearly had us airborne.

We crossed the Ottawa River into Ontario at Hawkesbury and stopped for lunch to review our plans, as we often do. We want to take a new route across Ontario and there are a couple of casinos that we have never visited so while sitting in a high school parking lot for lunch, we came up with a revised plan.

We continued north towards Ottawa, but now along Hwy 2. The Hard Rock Casino is just west of the city, and they allow overnighters, so here we are.

They even gave us $20 each in free slot play! Their meal deals are nothing special, at least compared to the Maritimes, so we ate in the RV.

August 3 - August 12, 2019

This fifth update comes to you from the nation’s capital, Ottawa, Ontario

We have travelled 8,250 kms since leaving home on May 23rd.  

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