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Uh-Oh! Some years it seems something has to be fixed every time we go out. Or, if nothing breaks, we decide to update or change something. The joy of having an old but well loved RV.

I participate in a number of on-line forums, facebook groups and so on and try to help other Rvers when I can.To that end, I decided to start to compile a list of repairs, modifications and maintenance ideas I have tried.

Not all of the ideas were successful but live and learn. Perhaps you’ll find something here to help you out.

Click on a topic to jump to it or just scroll through to find something that interests you.

2015 - New Windows $1,200

No before and after photos of this project. Seven has double pane windows (except the windshield) to help with heat loss or gain, and road noise. The seal let go on the 4 windows beside the driver and copilot. It got bad enough that I couldn’t see through them in the sunshine making it a safety issue.

There are shops that remove them, unmount the glass, then clean and reseal them, and finally reinstall them. Unfortunately, they are all in places like California or Florida. I simply ordered replacements with the help of the folks at Fleetwood, who built 7.

The windows arrived in due course and after paying brokerage and taxes, brought them home from the trucking company in Edmonton.

Doing the actual replacement was faster and easier than all the paperwork involved in clearing customs. The old windows came out easily and after thoroughly cleaning up the surfaces and adding lots of new and sticky caulking sealant which comes in a roll like thick but relatively narrow duct tape, the new windows easily went in.

I can see!  

2020 - New Toilet $300

RV toilets are somewhat like those on an airplane. There is no big tank of water to push everything down the drain, it uses a powerful flush driven by the water pump. After many, many years of every day use, our toilet decided to stop working. It would still flush but It wouldn’t stop flushing and the seal was shot. Inconvenient and smelly. Even with chemicals down the toilet, the holding tank holds up to 55 gallons of nasty. This is not a project you delay for long!

I ordered a new porcelain toilet from Woody’s RV at the annual Edmonton RV Show and Sale at a very good price. I did the actual replacement at the same time as I installed the new flooring. Everything I needed was in the box so it was basically two bolts, the water supply line and the hand sprayer line and it was done.